The hidden world of e-cigarettes

Smoking is probably one of the most ancient practices that remain to be popular as time passes by. While time ticked away, many alternatives to smoking cigarettes and tobacco became common, for example, smoking cannabis. But the one that has grown its magic in more and more people lately is vaping.

Enthusiasts of smoking-related practices came up with vaporizers to have an alternative that could help them fight smoking cigarettes and tobacco. Vaporizers also called e-cigarettes, or vape pens, are an exciting smoking trend that everyone wants to keep being popular due to their many benefits.

One could tell that there are no possible benefits found in any smoking-related activity or treatment, but vaporizers, just like glass beaker bongs, are proof that this statement is incorrect.

Much healthier than normal cigarettes

Vaporizers, rather than just another way to smoke toxic and damaging substances, are a clever and very useful alternative that chronic cigarette smokers can use to get rid of their addiction without any side effects. If you want to quit smoking, vaporizers could be just what you need.

Vaporizers work with whatever substance you load on them by putting heat into them. Thus, the substances evaporate slowly, providing you the same emotion you could get smoking a cigarette. What is the difference? Well, e-cigarettes do not need narcotic substances to comply its function.

The vapor created by heating the liquid you decided to use is safe for your health and it will not backfire on you later.

A huge variety of tasty flavored juices

Vape juice also called e-juice is the ingredient that we are supposed to load in our vaporizers, which will be burned and turned into a vapor that will smell and taste like the main ingredient of the juice – Yeah, that is right, the vapor will have a taste and a smell.

E-juices are made up of mainly five basic ingredients: Propylene Glycol, flavorings, vegetable glycerin, water, and maybe a small amount of nicotine. Therefore, your health will not be jeopardized by noxious ingredients and toxic chemical elements such as carbon monoxide or viscous liquid made of carbon that we call Tar.

Vaporizers and long smoking pipes are good alternatives for smoking since the level of nicotine they possess are significantly lower than the one found in cigarettes, that is why so many ex-addict smokers are now vapers, and they advise vaporizers as excellent tools that you could use to stop smoking. 

The combination of almost no nicotine and tasty flavors such as gummi bears, strawberry, peanut butter, apple, orange, chocolate, and many others, is purely golden.

However, if you not only enjoy vaping but you also could use a bong for health or recreational reasons, you should use only the best beaker bongs for it. In Tank Glass, we work untiringly to sell the almost indestructible bong that smoking enthusiasts deserve. It does not matter what kind of bong or vaporizer you are looking for, we certainly are the best option for you.

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