Know About the Damages You Should Claim For

Following your involvement in a motor vehicle collision in the province of British Columbia, you will likely be getting involved with the ICBC as the next step. The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, aka the ICBC, still remains to be the only insurance company in all of British Columbia that holds the right to provide all drivers with basic coverage.

Since basic insurance is a legal requirement in the province of British Columbia, every driver is thus obligated to obtain their insurance through the ICBC. This basic insurance is comprised of $200,000 of third-party liability coverage and a certain amount of no-fault (Part 7) benefits. However, it should be noted that additional liability coverage is recommended to all motorists.
Damages You Are Likely Entitled To From The ICBC
If you sustained losses in connection to your involved in a motor vehicle collision, then you will likely be entitled to compensation from not just the at-fault party, but also from the ICBC. While it is heavily recommended that you obtain legal counsel throughout the claims process, here are some basic damages most plaintiffs are entitled to:
Pain And Suffering
Sustained injuries come with pain and suffering. Pain and suffering for which you are likely entitled to be compensated for by the ICBC and the at fault party. This compensation is capped at a maximum of $370,000 for catastrophic injuries only. Lesser injuries will also result in less compensation for the victim. Examples of such catastrophic injuries include severe brain injuries, quadriplegia, and paraplegia, among other severe and permanent injuries. In order to assess your case, previous similar ones will be taken into consideration. Your Personal Personal Injury Lawyer Langley will be able to handle it all so that you can recover in comfort and be stress-free.
Lost Income

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Serious injuries will likely have forced you to miss work for quite some time, which will likely have resulted in a significant amount of lost wages, and perhaps also missed earning opportunities. Such financial losses will likely entitle you to recover damages in the height of your lost, post tax income and potential lost earnings.
Future Costs Of Care
While it may be obvious that you should be compensated for past medical expenses, many people neglect to also think ahead to future costs of care. If you are left with a serious injury, then you may require future treatments and support in order to live a reasonably comfortable life and, hopefully, eventually return to your qualify of life prior to the accident. Such expenses often do not fall under the coverage of the government health care system. Thus, there are a lot of considerations that have to be covered when filing a claim.

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